Sacrifice in Africa – Your Sacrifice be happiness in Africa

You can deliver your sacrifice donations to those in need through our Association. Sacrifice donation can be done online through our website.

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The Qurbani Organizations in Africa

There are some very sensitives Islamic procedures by slaughtering Sacrifices with proxy.  Taking the power of attorney from those, who want to slaughter they Sacrifices in Africa, they also should be informed about the slaughtering process and everything around. For more than 19 years experience we are taking this task very serious and give all the information our donors need. Throughout the year with the support of our permanent representatives the donated wajib, adaq, aqiqah, shukur and other nafilah sacrifices are carefully slaughtering.

Afrika Kurban Bağışı

Africa Sacrifice Donation Can Be Done Online Through Our Web Site

Africa Qurbani Preperations

The sacrifice records can be made via our website, calling or coming to our headquarter. The power of the attorney is taking verbally by our association. We transmit the informations, like the type of the sacrifice and the intention of the owner, very carefully to our permanent representatives in Africa.

Especially in the rural areas are a lot needy people. Our representatives go in those countries, where they can find the best and profitable animals.

The animals, which are going to be sacrificed, are carefully signed within the Islamic procedures. To avoid some risky actions in the Qurbani days, like maybe a last minute donation, we choose more animals as a safety for our donors. We detect the needy places and prepare the Qurbans. Beside this our representatives visit the villages and other needy places personally and prepare the needy equipment in those places for the slaughtering procedure. Throughout the year our volunteers and experienced representatives deliver the packages to the right and privation areas.


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The Slaughtering and Delivering of the Sacrifices

Our permanent representatives and volunteers mostly from Turkey check the places, where the slaughtering procedure will be made. After this audit the process starts, for sure by taking care of the whole Islamic rules. We divide the Meat of the slaughtered sacrifices in equal parts and deliver them fairly to every needy person. Our officials do not leave their places, before every part is delivered to the right places.

We also tell every family member and tribe chief in their languages, that the packages were presents from their Muslim sisters and brothers all over the world.

Information About Your Qurban

Now it is time to give the information to the donors, that their victims successfully had been slaughtered. In addition we also write in our messages, in which country or place the process happened.

And what we exactly left behind us, after this big procedure?

We leave definitely the thankful prays from the African sisters and brothers behind us. Or we are the reason for the first try from a child eating a meat. You can be the reason for the happiness of a lot of orphans. Qurban in Africa is different. Qurban in Africa is happiness, peace, serenity and having the chance to share you meat with your Muslim sister and brother.

The price of one sacrifice is 550TL. You can also pay it with Euro or in Dollar.

*You can deliver your sacrifice to Africa through online donations from our website.

*You can send your sacrifice by depositing the cost of sacrifice to our account numbers by Transfer and EFT and calling our association for creating a record.

*You can come to our association building and deliver your sacrifice in return for a receipt.

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In which countries was Qurbani Organizations held in 2019?

Mauritania Niger Democratic Republic of Congo Zambia
Senegal Chad Djibouti Zimbabwe
Republic of Guinea Cameroon Ethiopia Mozambique
Republic of Guinea Bissau Togo Somalia Madagascar
Burkina Faso Ghana Kenya Republic of South Africa
Ivory Coast Benin Rwanda Lesotho
Liberia Nigeria Uganda Brazil
Sierra Leone Gabon Tanzania Argentina
Gambia Ecuador Burundi Chile
Mali Central African Republic Malawi Venezuela
The sacrifice is conducive to mercy in drought-cracked areas, the soil begins to bloom ...
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