Who We Are?

Our first projects in Africa started in the year 2000 with some volunteer and helpful people. In
2004 died so much African people in Somalia, Kenya and Chad, because of a big drought.
After this heartbreaking incident there was this need for a volunteer association, which
should always be ready for helping the aggrieved people in Africa. Officially in 2011
voluntariness activities started, under the name “Diversity Farklılık Derneği” , managed from
Istanbul. As our slogan says ‘for a brighter world’ we had to remunerate it as quick as we
can. With a lot of institutionalized work we reached in a very short time in 3 continents, 112
countries and regions.
Since 2011 our association has focused on sustainable social activities in Africa. There are
always 7 sustainable projects sprawling in a year, where we are meeting the needs for the
aggrieved people, supporting a lot by benefactors. Beside these projects there are also
sometimes some emergency situations like natural catastrophes, epidemic illnesses, wars,
droughts, in which we are also active and help every human being without any discrimination
between them. Whoever needs help or support, we try to be there in time and make their
world brighter.
Our organizations and projects are within the Turkish republic associations law and fully
legal. The works outside turkey are also within the international law.
In time we become a really big family, full with volunteer people from all ages and from every
walk of life. With this fact we decided to get our own building, where we can increase our
performance of volunteer activity and concentrate us more on different projects. Since 2014
the head office has been replaced in Istanbul Ümraniye.
Since 2018 with the support of our representatives or volunteer people, we have tried to
deliver in 41 countries the right help at the right place, in the right time. Every step is always
controlled by us to make sure that your donation is getting to the right place, which is really
important for our status.
Our first priority is for sure education. Education is one of the most important points to be
sustainable with our activities in Africa. We try to educate new generations with good
morality, a wide horizon and to be a good example around, for being a good human. In this
context we have been established some orphanages around the needy places and regions in
Africa. For the orphanages we have cooperated with other local associations and have
assigned some volunteer people all around the world, who are responsible for the children
security, protect, educate and for their happiness, health and for their brighter world.
On the one side our students in the orphanages are getting their career in a university level
and on the other side they are also getting in addition beside their education, the right
support to widen their social and professional sides.
Depending on the conditions and possibilities of the country the planned social activities are:
– Within the “For a green world” project, they are learning the modern and the newest
techniques about green agriculture gardens
– needlework
– cooking
– writing and reading
These courses, where the participation is for free, help to develop their professional and
social lives. It is aimed at this benefit not only to be useful for themselves but also to be
helpful and beneficial for their families and the people around them.

Our vision is to reach till 2021 every needy place in Africa with our helps and volunteer
projects. To give the right and the best education for the students in our orphanages, so that
they can be helpful, beneficial human beings for their environment and to be a good example
for being a good person with a good character. Another vision is to always control our
opened water wells, so that they are also going to be useful for a long time in the future.
Beside this we want to change our orphanages and other education buildings, which are also
supported by our association, into smart buildings. With this smart system we want to
produce our own environmentally friendly energy, which should also be useful for the regions
around these buildings.
Our working principles have been adapted to the quality standards and for the ISO9001
quality the necessary work has been done.

Projects which are sprawling in a year:
• Ab-ı Hayat water wells
• Permanent works for humanity
• One breath health
• Let us share our food
• Green world
• Let your kurban be a happiness
• Educated generations for a beautiful future

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