12 Kasım 2018

Africa Water Well Project

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We Open Water Well in needly African Countries

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African Water Well Project

86% of the people living in Sub-Saharan Africa lack healthy and clean water resources. If there are water resources, there is life. There would be no life if there are no water resources…

The Humanitarian Relief Foundation has started a project to evaluate the country and regions where dry and clean water cannot be reached, especially considering the size of the clean water needed in Africa, and has started the project of water well for potable water resources which are the most natural right of mankind. It has launched.


There is no color, no taste, no odor … However, since the world was created no living creature could give up on it and could not go on living without it. Everyone set up a life around water. But the arid Africa needs it. “


To Open a Water Well in Africa

In the thirsty regions of Africa, there are usually tools based on muscle power. When the rock is dug out, it is tried to break by using force, and when the rock is not pierced, the well is moved. That is, the opened caisson well is not at risk, but is first excavated by the sounding system so that it is determined whether there is a rock on the ground and how many meters deep the water would be. When the ground to be wiped is clean and it is determined how many meters down the water is down the well’s concrete gets 30-40 meters gets excavated for one to reach the ground. Pipes are placed to reach a sufficient level, the necessary plumbing is connected and a suitable pump is connected and it is completed as reinforced concrete for long lasting.


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Ab-ı Hayat Water Well Project Application

Under the Ab-i Hayat Water Well Project, the Humanitarian Relief Foundation website allows the philanthropists to be a shareholder for 50 TL / 20 Dollars / 20 Euro for a water well and to follow up the latest situation related to the water well. Every year, tens of water wells are delivered to thousands of needy people. In 2017, Hz Fatima R.Anha-Mali, Hz Ebu Eyyub El Ensâri-Mali, Hz Sevde R.Anha-Niger water wells have been opened in this method and the water well campaigns are still being continued. Philanthropists can support the water well campaign through online payment at www.diversitydernegi.org.


Africa Water Well Installation Cost

The cost of opening the water well varies depending on the depth of the region and how the well is opened. As Humanitarian Relief Foundation, our expert team has determined the costs with on-site preliminary studies and over 10 years of experience in Africa.

You can get extensive information by calling our association for detailed costs.

0090 216 478 47 06 – 0090 535 923 09 09

Water Wells in Africa

In Sub-Saharan Africa in particular, tens of thousands of people migrate from the villages where they grew up to reach these wells. In a village that has water wells, all living things benefit from water and even local agricultural activities are revived. Water wells to be opened in countries such as Niger, Mali, Chad, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Nigeria, Somalia, Senegal, Kenya, Togo, and Uganda will prevent more and more living beings from dying of thirst every year. The water well means that all the living creatures in the opening area are will be able to use water.

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