17 Kasım 2018

The educations name in Sub-Saharan Africa is “LÖH”

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The educations name in Sub-Saharan Africa is “LÖH”

You can see that in the history a lot of scientists lived in Africa. Because of this fact, the most precious engagement is education there. It doesn’t matter in which conditions they are or where they try to study. Despite under the toughest conditions like buildings without any windows, any roofs or any walls, the education effort is always on the go.

For the parents in Africa is being a hafiz (memorizing the Quran) the most important education and comes at first from everything. But learning the Quran and also trying to be a hafiz is not that easy than it seems. Because of the bad conditions in the regions, this duration can cost the children few years.

The education in the rural areas, where 70% of the total population live, can be held only on very local and primary places.

The education in Africa is shaped by the local conditions of the regions. The schools are mostly open areas without any walls and roofs. The children sit on the ground with barefoot, while they having their classes. In the nights, around the burning fire at the village square, in the mornings, under the shadows around, are the areas where the classes take place.

LÖH is The Tablet of African Children

Sticks made from the trees, are their pens. Their inks are made from the water of wood coal. The children are writing with the mixture of water and wood coal ink one by one, letter by letter their sentences, but they don’t even have a paper to write on it.

LÖH, in some regions it is called LUH, is the tablet of the hafizes, the notebook of the students and also the biggest course tool for the teachers. LÖH is also known as the Witness of Africa’s science history. It is just a plate made from wood.

Long Years Taking to Be A Hafiz

Every child has a LÖH, where they are writing their all notes. The hafiz candidates write their learning stuff only just on one page. After they memorize it, they use their rubber “water well” to wipe the writings and use it again for their next lesson. And with this system after few years, the innocent African girls and boys become a hafiz.

The wisdom journey of the children starts with LÖH and their education also ends with LÖH. This is the one and only learning stuff they have in their hands.

But the fact is, that every Muslim child want to achieve this tedious way of education. Under this bad conditions they do not stop, in opposite, they just keep going and doing their best. The history is the biggest testimony for this success, but the people from all over the world are insensitive to this.

Our association is working for years to educate these innocent children in very good conditions. We support them as best as we can with your volunteer helps and your donations.

We thank all philanthropists, who supported us on this path.

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