16 Kasım 2018

Share Your Food

We deliver aid packages to people in need in Africa.

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Share Our Food

As the Humanitarian Relief Foundation, we aim to reach the people in need of Africa in the right time, in the right place, with the donations that philanthropists have done, like all our work.

We organize food aid organizations with the support of philanthropists to needy people in the regions identified in every period of the year, especially in the arid regions. During Ramadan, we concentrate more with the food aid and separate assistance is provided taking into account the conditions of regions countries.

All stages from the contents of the food packages to the delivery to those families with the needs are carried out by our permanent representatives in the countries. After receiving help, the sponsor is provided with the information that the aid has received through feedback.

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Consider a table; a single plate, a single kind of lean, unsalted tasteless meal, and the African people who share this dish fraternally. Think about a mother spent the whole weekend with a single kind of meal cooked in the wood fire, even in Ramazan-i Şerif. Think about a child, whose meal throughout the day is drinking water and he is trying to fast even in the heat of 45 degrees. Consider a dad, who has to walk 20 miles a day to earn money while he is fasting.

In these circumstances, people have different meanings in their heart. The easiest thing to do for the African people is to be thankful. If there is a pot of food for a day’s meal, that house has peace. They do not have meat, tomato paste or lettuce in their meals. They do not have a variety of sweets and drinks, but they do have conversations.

There is also a fraternal greeting in Africa. Sometimes a car comes from a road which is originally for the horse carts and their white Muslim brothers get off. They greet there and come home an armful. Village’ festival has come. They say “We brought your brother’s greet from Turkey. They sent gifts to you” After that, they give foods with a great modesty.

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There is a different story every day in Africa, however, there are sincere brothers who do not forget the need in distant villages. There are thousands of anonymous philanthropists who are praise with prayers every day.


Would you like to become a hand which is for needly people in Africa ?

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