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We Organize Healthy Circumcision Organizations in many needly Africa Countries.

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One Breath Health

Our health projects are periodically performed with cataract surgeries and surgical interventions. However, the foremost health needs in Africa are boy circumcisions.

Circumcision is being portrayed in Africa as brutality, persecution and an objectionable act. There are also those who are in need and want to stay away from infectious and chronic diseases are trying to be circumcised externally with local techniques. In Africa, circumcision is more important than it is thought in human life.


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The Humanitarian Relief Foundation has started to organize healthy circumcision organizations within the scope of One Breath Health Health Project instead of criticizing this humanitarian endeavor of African people. By 2016, 5000 children in 4 countries are moving towards the goal of healthy circumcisions. In every visited country destination, circumcision with modern techniques has begun to turn into a fun festival for children as well as a cost-free convenience for their families. At the same time, our voluntary health teams train health care members in the countries that have been visited to raise awareness of new methods of circumcision.

A circumcision organization in every African country is a guiding and healthy step forward for children’s future. Children who are circumcised day after day with the support of philanthropists will appreciate those who help out. Circumcision in Africa establishes a good future base.


The future is turning into a lighting for Africa, which now points to end of the period for traditional circumcision. Now, in Africa, pessimistic words and tables leave their place to the healthy and plentiful sunnah feast.


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Philanthropists can help and pay a child’s circumcision over our internet site.



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