14 Kasım 2018

Africa Qurban Organizations

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During the year, we are delivering your Adak, Sukur, Akika sacrifice donations to the needy.

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Qurbani Organizations in Africa

There are Islamic sensitivities related to the slaughter of the oblations who are mandated for sacrificial worship. Every detail from the removal of the proxy to the victim’s knowledge of the oblation is carried out by our team with over 10 years’ experience of our association. Throughout the year, in 38 countries and territories of Africa, your oblations of honor, joy, honor and other futility are carefully cut.


Preparations for Qurbani

Qurbani records are made by searching our internet site or our association, and the powers of attorney are taken orally by the oblation team formed in our association center very carefully. According to the intent of the oblation’s owner and the type of oblation, the information is transmitted to the representatives in the country where the organization is to be carried out.

In Africa, there are people in need, especially in rural areas. For charitable oblation, the permanent representatives of the countries of the region and our members go to the areas where the animals are the most suitable for the identification of animals.

The oblations are marked with all Islamic sensitivities. A large number of oblations are prepared from the donations collected by taking into account the demand that may occur during the sacrifice feast and the faults that may be experienced in the field. For the prepared oblations, the needy villagers are personally visited and the food is giving out to those in need.

After the regions and villages where the oblations will take place, the oblations in each region are prepared the necessary tools and equipment to be cut by our own team. Our representatives who work in the region throughout the year will deliver the oblations entrusted to them in the most appropriate way.

Sacrificing Qurbani and Distributing Them

Our Association’s permanent representatives on the field and our volunteers from Turkey make audits in the areas where the oblations will be made. Then, oblations taken in accordance with the Islamic methods are cut by the experienced teams on behalf of the sponsors.

It is told that the oblations are a gift from the Muslim brothers by talking with their family members and tribal chiefs in each village in their own language. Our officials do not leave their places until the oblations are cut and distributed equally to the houses those in need. The sacrificing of the oblations continues with paying attention to every detail.

Qurbani Information

It is now time for the oblations to be informed that their oblations have been sacrificed. Information is given to the sponsor who shared their oblations with their African brothers in which country their Qurbani are sacrificed.

As a result, there will be happiness for the African people, prayers and perhaps the children first chance to eat meat. it can result, in the happiness of many orphans; to those Muslims, oblations became a festival for their prayers will give peace of mind to the sponsors.

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The Price for Qurbani is 100 USD.

* You can send your oblations to Africa through our Online Site donation.

* By connecting our organization, you can create an account. you can wire the funds to our account or send us a money order or through EFT.

* You can visit us at our organization to drop off your donation.

The Qurbani becomes a means of mercy for the drought-cracked soil, the soil begins to bloom …




The sacrifice causes the mercy in the areas that are cracked by drought, the soil begins to bloom …

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